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Medium Heavy Fast Action Rod Uses

Matching your rod and reel setup to the types of lures you are using is crucial if you are to get the very best casting performance.

There are two main types of fishing rods that are used in the bass fishing world:

  • Baitcasting Rods
  • Spinning Rods

Baitcasting rods or casting rods are designed for use with a baitcaster reel. The reel sits on the top of the rod and the line guides will generally be smaller than those found on a spinning rod.

The majority of bass fishing rods will be of the baitcasting variety. This is because casting a spinning setup all day when using heavy lures can be quite tiring.

With a baitcaster flip the switch on the reel and flick the lure out with a snappy motion of the casting arm.

The most useful baitcasting rods for bass will be medium heavy fast action of roughly seven feet in length.

Spinning rods have the reel mounted on the underside and feature larger line guides particularly those closest to the reel.

Spinning rods excel when you need to cast lighter lures using light line. They are too much work when using heavier lures.

So what can you use a medium heavy fast action rod for?

Medium Heavy Fast Action Rod Uses

1. Jigs

A 7 foot medium heavy rod is great for casting jigs in and around cover. The fast action is required as when using single hook lures like jigs you need a lot of tip sensitivity and also the ability to set the hook quickly.

If you have a more moderate action you will lose this sensitivity.

2. Frogging

Most frog fishing takes place in and around heavy weed or lily cover. This type of location requires that you use heavy braid so that you can slice through the weeds and also have enough strength to be able to haul a bass out from under them.

You can use a medium heavy fast action rod for light frog work particularly if the weed cover is not to heavy.

Ideally you would want to use a frogging rod that has an extra heavy or mag-heavy power rating.

3. Small Swimbaits

Smaller swimbaits can be fished on these types of poles but if you are looking to use large jointed swimbaits then a heavy power rating would be better.

You’ll also need a fairly long rod of between 7 and 8 feet to get the best casting performance.

Swimbaits are all about covering as much water as possible, generally speaking a longer rod will cast better, although shorter rods will be more accurate.

4. Texas Rigs

When using a Texas rig a medium heavy rod with a fast action is ideal. You get plenty of power for setting the hook and a quick enough action for striking. Soft plastic Texas rigged lures will have the hook point hidden by the lure.

You’ll need enough power to set the hook firmly but also enough of a fast action to do so quickly.

Fishing Rod Attributes

More often than not a lot of anglers do not know the difference between fishing rod action vs power and they will use the terms interchangeably which can lead to a lot of confusion.