Best Travel Fishing Rod – Top Rated Travel Rods

The Best Travel Spinning Rods

Looking for a compact easy to transport rod that still performs? Our list of best travel fishing rod s has something for all budgets. 

Rod design has certainly moved on in the last 10-15 years. Improvements in carbon fiber, graphite and even fiberglass construction techniques have given rod builders the necessary materials to produce some amazing travel rods.

Time was that your travel spinning rod was a clunky affair that lost a lot of it's sensitivity due to how the spigot affected the taper of the blank. Clearly a one piece blank will always be the most sensitive and balanced when it comes to performance. However, travel rods these days have solved a lot of the old issues.

With a big wrap around spigot the natural taper in the blank was effected on a normal two piece rod. Now multiple this be 3 for a 4 piece rod and you ended up with a rod that was limp and felt like it left you out of touch with your lure and hook setting. ​

A lot of modern travel fishing rods have ​whats known as a spigot ferrule. The spigot ferrule is essentially a piece that is bonded to the lower piece of the blank that the upper piece then slides onto.

It's perfectly normal for there to be a gap between each section, this allows for upper section to still fit snugly after the lower spigot has reduced in diameter due to normal wear and tear.

Below you will find a variety of different travel rods. Some are suited to heavier saltwater work and some to freshwater light spinning on rivers.

Why choose a travel rod over a telescopic fishing rod?​

Although the quality of telescopic rods a has increased in recent years they still do not have the same feel through the blank. Even though they have a regularly stepped taper due to each section fitting into the last still don't get the same feel from them.

A high quality travel rod such as the St Croix Triumph below will always outperform a telescopic rod​. I have yet to find one that can compete with a well designed 3 or 4 piece travel rod. 

Now telescopic rods have their place, they are great for keeping in the trunk of a car with a small reel and a handful of lures for the occasionally unplanned few hours after work. However they usually never have the same backbone ​and always feel less than durable or capable of handling something a bit larger.

Best Travel Fishing Rod

Okuma Nomad Review

The top choice for best travel rod is the Okuma Nomad. It maintains its taper due to the spigot ferrule design described below giving an almost one piece feel to the blank.

The Okuma Nomad travel spinning rod is priced in the mid to high bracket. For the money you are getting one seriously sturdy rod. It definitely is rated on the high side when it comes to power. So if you are looking for a light weight spinning setup then some thing like the Fenwick below might be more suitable. 

The beauty of the Nomad is if you intend to do some heavy freshwater spinning or some inshore boat work you can use one rod for both on those holiday trips to target many different species and it should have enough backbone to handle them.

The versatility of the Okuma doesn't stop there though. You get two different tips with each rod. Each with a different action meaning you have effectively two rods in one. ​

So if you are looking for a highly versatile saltwater spinning or heavy action freshwater spinning travel rod then the Okuma is the clear choice.​


  • ​Graphite blank with carbon outer wrap
  • 3 sections
  • European spigot ferrule connection
  • ALPS high rise 316 stainless steel guide frames
  • ALPS two tone anodized aluminum reel seats
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Waterproof carrying case

St Croix Triumph Travel Spinning

​If you are not looking for a heavy saltwater travel rod like the Okuma then take a look at the St Croix Triumph Travel spinning rod.

The range comes medium to heavy with all models having a fast action. These rods are suited to medium/light spinning. They can happily perform spinning on small rivers and streams with smaller on 4-10 lbs line. The action is fast so you have some very quick hook setting capabilities and are pretty sensitive for a 4 piece rod.


  • 4 sections
  • SCII grahite
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Fast action taper
  • Fuji DPS reel seat
  • 5 year warranty

Fiblink 3-piece Spinning

These Fiblink 3 piece spinning rods are a great alternative to the Okuma if you are on a tight budget.

Similar in power to the Okuma the Fiblink are heavy rated and come in three possible lengths 6', ​6'6" and 7' so pretty capable of handle some decent boat work too.

Like the Okuma these rods are certainly aimed at the saltwater fisherman. The line rating for them is in the 30-50 lbs and lure weights from 2-8 ounces. 

The Fiblink also comes with a waterproof carry case. However like any cloth based case it is not going to take too much abuse so if you intend on flying anywhere you might need an hard carry case. ​


  • Graphite composite blanks
  • Stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts
  • Aluminum alloy reel seat
  • One year warranty

Fenwick Methods Spinning

​Fenwick are long known as a premium brand that produce some very high quality rods. Thankfully that same quality is still instilled in their travel rod range the Methods.

With the ability to change both the middle and tip section of the rods for another with a different action the Fenwick Methods travel rods are extremely versatile. 

This versatility means you can pack light but still be adaptable. Adaptability is something that is great to have when you are away on a trip to some unknown destination.

This versatility is a good thing given that there is only two rods available in the range a 6'8" and a 7 footer. The power is medium/light to medium.

Supplied with a hard case is a nice additional bonus and it really shows that Fenwick had the traveler in mind when designing the Methods.  ​


  • 5 pieces in total
  • Travel tube included
  • Multiple center sections and tips included
  • Spigot ferral

Piscifun Graphite 4 Piece

​Priced at the lower end of the scale the Piscifun graphite 4 piece travel pole is a lot of rod for the money. 

The blanks are mare from carbon fiber using Piscifun's ArmoreCore technology resulting in a very lightweight and yet strong rod.​

They probaly have the biggest range available from any of the travel rods. There are 3 sizes available 6', 6'6" and a 7'. The power is from medium/light up to extra heavy. 

The strength of the carbon fiber blanks are reinforced with 8-ton E glass. That extra layer of fiberglass makes these rods a whole lot more durable than a regular carbon fiber.


  • 4 pieces
  • Carbon fiber blanks
  • Ceramic guides
  • Medium to heavy