Shimano Stradic FK Review – The Most Versatile Spinning Reel Ever?

Shimano Stradic FK review -  the Stradic is one of the top spinning reels available today. It is the latest edition in the Stradic line and has established itself as one of the best all round open face reels available.

The durable build qualities of the Stradic enables it to be fished in both fresh and salt water(although like any reel it should be rinsed in freshwater after use in saltwater). ​If you had to buy one reel to cover both fresh water and inshore salt water fishing then the Stradic is surely the top contender. 

The combination of Shimano's cold forged Hagene body and internal gears plus a number of internal rubber washers and seals makes the Stradic spinning reel one of the most water tight reels available. Ensuring the integrity of the reel body from salt water is one of the most pivotal design features of the Stradic that sets it apart from other spinning reels

Shimano Stradic FK Review


  • ​Hagene body and gear
  • Power Roller II
  • Reversible
  • CF aluminum cold forged spool
  • 6 ball bearings
  • Propulsion line management system
  • Super Stopper II

​The Stradic FK line of spinning reels contain some of Shimano's latest and greatest technologies all crammed into one great reel.

Propulsion Line Management System - the spool lip is designed in such a way to increase casting distance, reduce wear and friction on your fishing line and potentially eliminate wind knots and backlash. 

Power Roller II - Power Roller incorporates a specially grooved roller that can reduce line twist by up to 50%. Reducing line twist can not only reduce line knotting on the spool but also increase casting distance.

Super Stopper II - The Super Stopper II is Shimano's anti-revere which virtually eliminates back-play.​

Hagene Body and Gear - Hagene is Shimano's ​cold forged metal that is used extensively in the reel body and running gear. The reduction in flex and twist across the entire reel results in much greater power transferred to the bail as the crank is turned and thus ensuring even quicker striking power. Not only is there more power but it is an incredibly smooth reel as a result too.

Specification Table for Shimano Stradic FK Reel





Max Drag 

Gear Ratio 


10/95 15/85 20/65

2/270 4/140 6/110

6.9 oz

7 lb



10/150 15/145 30/100

6/200 8/240 10/120

8.3 oz

20 lb



10/200 20/140 40/105

​6/230 8/170 10/140

8.3 oz

20 lb



​15/280 30/170 50/150

8/240 10/200 12/160

9.9 oz

24 lb



20/220 30/200 40/160

10/240 12/195 14/165

11.3 oz

24 lb


Shimano Stradic FK 1000 Review

The FK 1000 is the baby of the Stradic range and is perfectly suited to lightweight freshwater spinning use. Weighing at only 6.9 ounces means if it is paired with the right ultralight spinning rod and roughly a 4 lbs mono line you should be able to place the lightest of baits and lures with pin point accuracy and with the least possible chance of spooking a fish.

Shimano Stradic FK 2500 Review

Even the FK 2500 could still be used for light freshwater use. However it's probably the introductory model if you intend to fish saltwater inshore light spinning set ups. Even though it is light it still has a 20 lb drag rating so you should be covered for most small inshore species.

Shimano Stradic FK 3000 Review

The Stradic FK 3000 sitting in the middle of the range is arguably the most versatile. If can cover a lot of different setups on both fresh and salt water. If you are not looking to buy multiple reels for use on both types of water then the FK 3000 is the perfect single option. Paired with a medium action spinning rod you can fish from small rivers all the way to shallow inshore boat fishing locations.

Shimano Stradic FK 4000 Review

​The FK 4000 is were things start to move away from the lighter/medium spinning reel and into the heavier inshore fishing reels class. The drag on the 4000 is beefed up to 24 lbs, pair this with a 30 lb braid and you have a reel that can take quite a beating from most shallow water species.

Shimano Stradic FK 5000 Review

The biggest in the range Stradic FK 5000 is more than powerful enough for shallow water boat fishing. Like the 4000 it has a 24 lb drag and with enough capacity to carry 160 yards of 40 lb braid you really can target some much bigger fish. Not only does it make for a great inshore reel it is also strong enough for use as a freshwater trolling open face reel. If you don't want the expense of a dedicated freshwater trolling reel then the FK 5000 is a surely strong enough to handle trolling in deep water lakes.