Okuma Tesoro Review – High End Star Drag Reel

The newest edition to the Okuma saltwater baitcasting line up is the Okuma Tesoro. The Tesoro is the new replacement for the much loved Okuma Cedros. Our Okuma Tesoro review should provide you with all the features and specs of this new reel.

Okuma Tesoro Review

The Tesoro is available in two models: TSR-10S and TSR-12S. Around mid-2018 Okuma plan to release a 5 size just like the Andros 2-Speed Lever-Drag.

The only major difference between the two is the larger line capacity of the TSR-12R as you would expect from the bigger model.

The TSR-10S is capable of holding 495 yards of 50 lb braid whereas the TSR-12S is capable of holding 475 yards of 65 lb braid.

For mono the TSR-10S can hold a max 150 yards of 40 lb whilst the TSR-12S can hold 185 yards of the same 40 lb mono.

The larger model is .2 of an ounce heavier which is pretty negligible. 

Virtually all other performance features and ratings are the same.

tesoro star drag
  • ​4BB+iRB corrosion resistant bearings with TSI oil
  • Gear ratio 6.2:1
  • Aluminum frame, sideplate and spool machined from 6061-T6 grade Alu
  • Multi-disc Carbonite drag
  • Helical cut stainless steel gears
  • Dual anti-reverse 

Okuma have taken some of the design features from it's high end Makaira lever drag reel and added them to the new Tesoro star drag reel. ​

 Like the Maikaira the Tesoro has a forged and machine-cut aluminum frame and housing.

The gearing system is 17-4 grade helical cut stainless steel gears and so too is the shaft just like the Makaira which is a first for any star drag reel that is currently available on the market.

The massive drop down gear box features over sized gears. Usually when you have such a high gear rating as 6.2:1 you end up losing so low end torque. Not with the Tesoro however as the larger gears still give you the high retrieval rate without sacrificing on torque.

Per crank of the over-sized handle you get 44 inches of line retrieved.​

The free spooling like on the Makaira features the same TSI oil. The specially developed oil for the NASA space shuttle can give you up to three times the free spooling versus a conventionally grease packed bearing.

​The Carbonite drag washers offer 22 lbs of max stopping force on both models. Which means plenty of stopping power from a relatively small reel.

Okuma Tesoro Specs


Braid   YD/LB



Max Drag 

Gear Ratio 



320/25 245/30 150/40

19 oz

22 lb




405/25 295/30 185/40

19.2 oz

22 lb


Who is the Tesoro for ?​

With all of the high end technolgy and quality the Okuma Tesoro looks set to take a large share of the saltwater star drag reel market.

It is a direct competitor for the Shimano Trinidad A reels and the Penn Fathom​.

If you are looking for a reel to use ​with 30-50 pound braid that can haul most mid-sized sport fish up from the depths then the Tesoro might just be the reel for you.