Best Fishing Shirts – Look Your Best on the Water

The best fishing shirts are not only going to protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays they should also keep you warm as it cools down and wick away moisture as it heats up. 

When choosing a shirt for fishing the main ​criteria for your choice should not be looks. Fishing is not a fashion show, although it's still nice too look good in the clothes you wear. 

Factors to use when choosing a fishing shirt:

  • Comfort​
  • Protection from the sun
  • Moisture wicking
  • Construction
  • Durability

So what are the best fishing shirts?

The best shirts for fishing will ultimately tick all of the boxes listed above. We have gathered together the best fishing shirts available. They all offer great sun protection, comfort and value. A lot of people are now wearing clothing specifically designed for fishing and no longer wear their normal clothes out on the water.

Best Fishing Shirt

Southern Fin Performance Shirt

The top rated fishing shirt is the Performance Fishing Shirt from Southern Fin Apparel

Available in a range of sizes and design the Performance shirt is wearable by men and women alike.​

Highest UPF sun protection in a fishing shirt.

The Performance Fishing Shirt not only keeps you cool and protected from the suns rays but also looking good as an added bonus. Available in 6 different designs Mahi, Mako Shark,  Native Fly, Redfish Tail, Sailfish and Wahoo. Each fishing shirt comes with the main design in full color on the back, brand name on the right sleeve and logo on the upper side chest.

The construction quality is extremely high and the fit is universal in shape meaning that guys and girls can wear these shirts. There is a nice range of sizes available from ​X-Small up to XXX-Large. The Performance Fishing Shirt has been designed by fanatical fishermen who understand the requirements of a piece of clothing that has to endure the long hot days in the sun and exposure to saltwater.

Protecting your skin is paramount especially when out on the water. The added glare from the water surface can result in much greater exposure to the sun than on dry land. Southern Fin have give the shirt a sun protection rating of UPF 50 so you can be reassured that the shirt is giving you the best possible protection from the sun.

Sun protection is one aspect, however some materials can block the suns rays entirely but they do so at the expense of comfort. If you are overheating in the sun because your shirt is not allowing you skin to breath then you really will not last too log before you begin to dehydrate. ​ The Performance Fishing Shirt is made from 100% Microfiber Dri Fit material. Micro Dri Fit is very efficient at wicking moisture/sweat away from the skin aiding your body in cooling down.


  • 100% Microfiber Dri Fit material
  • UPF 50 sun protection
  • Soft and high quality material
  • Light and comfortable 

Columbia Bahama II Shirt

The Columbia Men's Bahama II is probably the best long sleeve fishing shirt designed in the traditional sense. It's the type of shirt you can wear out fishing, hiking or even as a normal casual shirt at the weekend.

It has been designed specifically with the fisherman in mind​. For fly fishermen that are wading through a river or in the shallows at sea the addition of a rod holder on the chest is a very useful addition. Being able to clip your rod whilst you hand a fish of select a fly from you vest pocket is a great convenience.

Probably the most durable shirt here it is just as home out hiking in the back country as it is on a boat offshore game hunting. The vented back can really help of you tend to hike long distance to get to your favorite fishing spot.


  • Omni-Shade UPF 30 sun protection
  • Quick dry fabric
  • Rod holder on chest
  • Back and shoulders vented

Huk Performance Kryptek Raglan

HUK have made a name for themselves in the performance fishing shirt market due to their highly breathable fabrics and rather distinctive designs and color choices.

The Huk Performance Fishing Mens's Krypek Raglan long sleeve fishing shirt is ​ made from a Poly-Knit blend that gives a stretch to the material. It sits somewhere between a cotton long sleeve t-shirt and a spandex top. However it has a very comfortable loose fit that allows for considerable air circulation under the shirt.

The extra stretch in the shirt means improved mobility over a more traditional shirt such as the Columbia Bahama above. It also means that it is a very nice shirt to wear on long hikes provided of course that you are not walking through too much bushes or small trees that might tear the fabric.


  • Stretchable poly knit blend
  • Anti-microbial
  • Longer sleeves than most other fishing shirts

All American Ultimate Dry Fit

The All-American Fishing Ultimate Dri Fit fishing shirt is another great fitting high performance shirt for fishing. It is made from a dri-fit microfiber wicking material that pulls moisture away from the skin and allows splashes and rain to evaporate quickly. 

If all day comfort with added style is what you are after then this shirt is a top contender.​ It offers great protection from the harmful sun rays and advanced odor fighting technology to help keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day.

Available from small all the way up to XXX-Large and with over 10 different patterns there is surely one for everyone. Each of the designs features a very striking high quality graphic on the back and smaller one on the sleeves .


  • 30 UPF sun protection
  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Moisture wicking dr-fit microfiber 

Guy Harvey Dorado Pro

The Guy Harvey Dorado Pro UVX Performance long sleeve fishing shirt is all about moisture wicking. Spending many hours out in the sun can leave you overheated and having the right fabric next to your skin is essential. 

Being on a boat in the sun is one thing, hiking around from one spot to the next with a heavy tackle backpack on your back is another. In the heat it is essential to remove excess moisture or sweat from the skin to help keep you cool and feeling fresh. If you have a heavy amount of gear on your back a cotton shirt is just not going to cut it you need a fabric designed to help pull unwanted moisture from the skin and onto the surface of the garment were it can easily evaporate.

The Dorado Pro long sleeve is one of the best long sleeve fishing shirts to help tackle unwanted sweat building up. With a UPF factor of 30 you can also rest assured that the sun is not doing too much damage.​


  • UPF 30 protection
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Polyester LS performance knit material
  • Hyrophobic fabric layer

Split Rock Vented Angler 

The Split Rock Angler long  sleeve fishing shirt is on very rugged and durable piece of clothing. It is constructed from performance Ripstop polyester. 

Perfect for almost any outdoors man it has a nice slightly over-sized ​cut which meas lots of mobility without sacrificing the performance. 

A really great UPF 40 protective layer is the second highest in our review of best fishing shirts.​

It has a bunch of really neat features like a rod holder, velcro tabbed pockets and roll tabs to keep the sleeves rolled up should you need it. These types of attention to details give the Spilt Rock a very high quality look and feel.


  • UPF 40 protection
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Comfortable relaxed fit
  • Vented mesh lined cape on back
  • Anti-microbial protection