Florida Bass Fishing

Both central Florida and the coastal regions have some of the best fishing on offer in the United States of America. ​And the size and availability of bass in particular make it and anglers paradise. To that end, let’s take a look at some of the best places to go bass fishing in Florida, along … Read more

Shock Leaders for Surf Fishing

shock leaders for surf fishing

If you’ve just started out fishing from a beach then you may well have seen other angler either using or talking about shock leaders for surf fishing. For the beginner they can seem a little daunting but in reality they are pretty simple and once you get your head around the concept then you’ll realize there … Read more

7 Surf Fishing Tips for Beginners

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is constantly growing as one of the most popular forms of fishing. You don’t need the expense of a boat and yet still have access to some great fish species. You don’t always have to go dozens of miles offshore to experience great saltwater fishing. If you know how to look in the right places, … Read more

Best Surf Fishing Baits

Best Surf Fishing Baits

Surf fishing should be on every angler’s bucket list to do at least once in their lifetime. Odds are that, once you actually go surf fishing, you’ll develop a healthy appetite for it and will already be planning your return trip before you even leave the beach. While there are untold miles of coastline throughout the world, … Read more

Best Color Lens for Fishing

Best Color Lens for Fishing

One of the most valuable pieces of equipment an angler can have in their possession on the water is one that might surprise some enthusiasts that are new to the sport. Sunglasses have immense advantages to fishermen that allow them to not only protect their eyes, but also to see deep into the water beyond what … Read more

Sight Fishing 101 – Tips and Tricks

sight fishing

Sight fishing can be one of the most adrenaline-pumping forms of angling in the world.  You catch a glimpse of the large game fish you’re after and move in, working your lure around the area in a delicate manner so as not to spook the fish. If you’re lucky—and skillful—you’ll get a bite. For most anglers, fishing is … Read more

Crankbait Fishing for Bass

Crankbait Fishing for Bass

Crankbait fishing for bass allows you to cover a lot of water in a very short space of time. It’s a lot of fun and on the right day can be one of the most effective methods for catching bass. If there is one lure in a bass angler’s arsenal that wields more advantages than any other, … Read more

Trout Fishing Setup

trout fishing setup

Getting the most out of your trout fishing setup means matching your rod, reel and line to the types of lures you are casting and the kings of waters you will be fishing on most often. For a beginner the huge amount of rod choices is often the most confusing as there are so many different … Read more

Trout Fishing Gear & Tackle

Trout Fishing Gear

​As a beginner trout angler you might be surprised by just how light most trout fishing gear and tackle really is. If you are coming from the bass or musky fishing world then chances are you are used to heavy power rated rods and big baitcasters spooled with braided fishing line.​Trout on the other hand need … Read more

5 Different Types of Crankbaits

types of crankbaits

For most anglers a crankbait is a crankbait and they pay very little attention to the different types of crankbaits and how and when you should be using them. Crankbaits are one of the most effective lures an angler can have in his arsenal. They can produce a bite at any time of the year when used … Read more