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Best Spinning Rod for Bass 2021

Whilst a casting setup is probably the most popular choice sometimes a spinning rod for bass is the superior option.

Spinning rods excel when using lighter presentation especially those that require a lot of sensitivity.

Spinning gear allow you to cast mush lighter weights than a casting reel can. A casting setup is best if you are looking for maximum distance and casting all day long.

What Length Spinning Rod for Bass?

The best length for a spinning rod for bass will be in the range of 6'6" to 7 feet. Although hard to find a 6'10" rod is a great all round length, you can still work lighter lures up close but still have decent casting performance when you need it.

What Power Spinning Rod for Bass?

The best power rating for a bass spinning rod will lie in the medium/light to medium range.

A light/medium spinning rod is best used for smaller jigs, different types of rigs like dropshots, shaky heads and wacky rigs and any other kind of finesse style fishing.

They are generally used on open water away from any kind of vegetation.

A medium rated bass spinning rod is great medium weighted lures and slightly heavier rigs like a Texas rig. They are great for lighter topwater work, jerkbaits and smaller crankbaits.

I am not a fan of heavy rated spinning rods, if you require such a rod for large lures in and around thick vegetation then I would stick to a baitcasting rod for bass.

Line Weights

These kind of rods will generally be rated for line that is in the 4 to 12 lbs range depending on the weight of the rod and what it is rated for.

This can vary from brand to brand so always check the manufacturers exact specifications for the rod.

Best Spinning Rods for Bass 2021

1. Ugly Stick GX2

2. St Croix Mojo Bass

3. Dobyns Fury FR 702SF

4. Daiwa Tatula Series

5. St Croix Avid

Spinning Rod for Bass

Depending on the type of bass fishing techniques you are using your choice between a baitcasting rod for bass and a bass spinning combo will usually come down to how heavy a lure you are using.

If you are using light lures then spinning rods for bass fishing is definitely the way to go.

When choosing a spinning rod and reel setup for bass it is crucial that you match the lure, line and rod to each other and then finally the spinning reel.

Materials wise it is best to stick to modern graphite as they are generally much more sensitive especially when using light tackle.

Fiberglass rods are much tougher but they lack the sensitivity that more modern lighter materials can provide.

Tip sensitivity is crucial when choosing a spinning rod. If you are using lighter gear then you need a rod that can give you as mush feedback through the rod blank as possible.

This is why you should choose a fast action spinning rod for bass.

A fast action rod starts to bend mush higher up through the rod blank towards the tip.

Whereas a slower action rod will start to have the bend form much lower down towards the reel seat.

Slower action bass rods are better suited to working large crankbaits or similar type of lures.

When you are using mush lighter single hook lures you need to be able to feel what is going on and also be able to strike quickly to set the hook.

If the bend happens too deep down along the blank then all of that sensitivity will be absorbed by the flex in the rod.